What Things Are Not Allowed On Airplanes?

Everyone knows that since 9/11/2001, airports have tightened security. Many feel that traveling is such a hassle nowadays, due to increased regulations. With all these new regulation have come an abundance of things that are not allowed on a plane. Regulations are only there for our safety, but there is so much to know, how to do make sure you are not embarrassed when you go to the gate to check your baggage?

There are many restrictions on items, which are not allowed to be carried on a plane, but they may be checked in the checked baggage. Here is a list of items that can be in checked baggage but not carried on a plane:

Box Cutters
Ice Axes/Ice Picks
Sporting Equipment

The following items are not allowed on a plane either by checked baggage or carry on:

Liquid Bleach
Spillable Batteries
Spray Paint
Tear Gas
Turpentine and Paint Thinner
Lighter Fluid

There are a lot of questions regarding personal hygiene items, such as deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste and shampoo. All products must be 3 oz or smaller. They must appear in a large plastic bag, which can be easily inspected by the security team. Each traveler is only allowed one bag with 3 oz products per flight. It is easy to remember 3-1-1. This simply means 3 oz, one plastic bag and one per person. There are some exceptions with larger liquids such as medications. They do not need to be in a clear bag and they will be something that will be inspected.

Thought these many rules can be confusing, they are for each passengers safety. After the trauma experienced on 9/11, these precautions are just a way of making sure that each person on a flight, has a safe and pleasurable flying experience.